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another weird question about keyboards.


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Oct 3, 2007
Aldergrove British Columbia
hehe I type slow and even then I spend much time backspacing, retyping out my misspelling, grammar and run-on sentences, and still have mistakes lol.
and oh dont get me going on texting my figures tend to hit the wrong keys when they actually work on the touch screen not sure why 1/3 the time they dont then I have to do the same thing by the time I answer someone they have texted me several paragraphs asking me why I am taking so long.
in older days with my flip phone which actually had keys I wasn't that bad nore ( see another bad grammer mistake but to me, the word nore seems better than or and even than I am not even sure if that is actually a word, and if it is, it doesn't seem to be spelled correctly lol) that good but I was much better.
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