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    Windows 7 support end jan 2015

    That's pretty much exactly what they've done.
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    New Mac Pro

    Yeah, if you've never used OS X, I'd say a month is about a fair time to get comfortable with it. OS X mostly got a headstart on hiDPI compared to Windows - when the rMBP first came out pretty much everything other first party Apple apps rendered blurry.
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    The price hike of our big mobile carriers

    There's pretty much no way the agreement is structured so that Videotron can offer equivalent service for cheaper than Rogers themselves. And again, Wind also has a roaming agreement with Rogers - I'm not sure how the situation with Videotron is any different?
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    The price hike of our big mobile carriers

    Right, so that puts them in pretty much the exact same situation as Wind, minus the five years of tower building.
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    The price hike of our big mobile carriers

    I don't see how Videotron could bring Quebec-like plans to Alberta/BC. If they build their own towers (do they even have relevant spectrum?) they'll be years behind Wind in tower rollout and Robellus would never give them roaming agreements that allow them to offer those plans without their own...
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    Surface Pro 3

    Yeah, no Metro support with FF, instead they're making a Chromecast competitor for some reason.
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    Surface Pro 3

    "Basic as Chrome" is a bit of a misnomer, Google's been awful about providing proper hi-dpi support in Windows, every other browser does a better job. Firefox actually does a better scaling job than IE - if you're running 200% scaling, it will correctly load retina-quality image assets on...
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    Client location database software android/windows tablet??

    No advice on the tablet but you might want to check Scribble Maps.
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    Windows 8.1 - anyone upgraded yet?

    Microsoft (along with Apple/Google/Amazon, and every other major tech company) do loads of UI test groups. None of them would ever release anything without positive test data.
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    mid-size car shopping - 15k budget

    Not a bad choice, but used I'd look for a Pontiac Vibe instead - same car (other than the exterior styling) but generally sells cheaper because of the Pontiac branding.
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    Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD Review Comment Thread

    The way you're talking about versions/revisions is kind of confusing - AFAIK there's only every been one SKU per size of the 840 Pro (MZ-whatever). Also the 840 Pro launched with 21nm MLC NAND back in 2012, the 840 is 21nm TLC, only the 830 was 27nm MLC.
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    mid-size car shopping - 15k budget

    Ford's been pretty good lately. The Fusion is a nice car but I'm not big on sedans, I'd probably go for a Focus hatch (though same platform as the Mazda3, so likely also on the small side) over a Fusion. I've got a pre-touch Sync version so can't verify personally, but anecdotally the touch Sync...
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    Windows 8.1 - anyone upgraded yet?

    Yeah, now the Windows Phone team is in charge of desktop Windows, which I find kind of hilarious.
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    Windows 8.1 - anyone upgraded yet?

    No, they're still working on Win8. At this point they're probably going to release another update for Win8, so by the time Win9 rolls around, Win8->Win8.1U2 (or whatever they call it) will have had about twice as much dev time as Win8.1U2->Win9.
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    Calgary Beers @ Wild Rose

    Hah, I'm at beerfest this friday/saturday, so I'm already booked for time and beer consumption.

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