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    Why The FIRST 5GHz CPU Almost Failed - AMD FX-9590 Revisited!

    The AMD FX-9590 was the world's first widely available 5GHz enthusiast CPU yet it was launched at a bad time when the Piledriver architecture struggled to compete with Intel. But how well does it compete today? Let's take another look at this legendary processor and overclock it on the ASUS...

    anyone here know anything about sit-stand desks?

    We're looking for them to install into the new office and we're avoiding UpDesk like the plague. Right now price / performance seems to be leaning towards Autonomous. However, there's also a great company based out of Montreal (Canadian built, sourced & warehoused) called Ergonofis...

    F@H for coronavirus treatment

    Seems like folks are crunching through these WU's quicker than the Stanford team can create them.

    New HCF folding members please post here for intro and tag requests!

    Thanks for all the help folks! We're looking into re-activating the folding tags.

    COVID-19 work conditions

    My girlfriend works as a pharmacist and let me tell you, they've been slammed. Folks have been stocking up on their meds like nuts. :S

    New HCF folding members please post here for intro and tag requests!

    Welcome to the team! Make sure you check your spam.

    F@H for coronavirus treatment

    Yeah issue seems to be uploads right now. Oddly not with CPU-based COVID stuff but rather with GPU WU's. I'm guessing its because they complete them so quickly.

    We Can Help FIGHT This…..Together!

    We can all help contribute to the research being done to understand more about the virus that's everywhere in the news. This video goes over how to use the Folding@Home project to help researchers develop vaccines & help eventually treat people. (y)(y)(y)(y)

    F@H for coronavirus treatment

    Not sure how high end a GPU you need since my 2080Ti is only chugging along at 40% utilization but churning through the WU's at 1hr30mins each.
  10. SKYMTL

    F@H for coronavirus treatment

    Yeah, 10980XE working on a 14328 (CORVID) and 2080Ti on 11758 (I think that's CORVID). Meanwhile Blade 13 Stealth is crunching on the 11760 (CORVID as well). Looks like they just released a ton of new units.
  11. SKYMTL

    F@H for coronavirus treatment

    You actually don't need your passcode as long as your User Name is still valid. In the new interface, just put in your User Name and Team Name and it'll log it. Working on a 11760 WU right now which is Coronvirus (9405 points)
  12. SKYMTL

    F@H for coronavirus treatment

    Hey guys. Just a heads up that we are publishing a video in a few hours about how to use F@H to help with CORVID-19 research. It'll just be basic information about where to get F@H, what it is and how to set up the client. You should be aware though that Passcodes seem to be backlogged...
  13. SKYMTL

    anyone here play with AMD's StoreMi tech?

    SRT is essentially gone, replaced by Optane. Optane is simply an SRT rebrand with a few minor changes to support different caching hierarchies and interfaces.
  14. SKYMTL

    anyone here play with AMD's StoreMi tech?

    StoreMI is essentially Enmotus FuzeDrive. You could simply use that. I've played with Optane. On a new system its OK, on one that's already set up it is certainly not a drop in solution.
  15. SKYMTL

    AMD RX 590 Review - The Card We Don't Need COMMENT THREAD

    We don't need this card at all. AMD is just using it as Holiday Season bait.

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