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    3080's where art thou?

    Please keep me in mind as well!!!!
  2. rjbarker

    3080's where art thou?

    ^^^^ Or cash under their mattress ;)
  3. rjbarker

    Router recommendation for 2020

    ^^^^ I'm anything but a very basic Network guy......if thjings dont work as they should I'm very limited as to my troubleshooting abilities other than the basic / obvious....found these guys here pretty helpful SNB Forums btw its all Netwrok stuff..the link is to the Asus section...
  4. rjbarker

    EVGA notification for 3080 ftw ultra

    ^^^^ Good to know Dwayne.....wonder how tricky (if at all) to pull a hybrid cooler and add a Water Blcok.
  5. rjbarker

    3080's where art thou?

    ^^^ Yeah have only been on air for initial testing (maybe a day)..FC EK Blocks since.
  6. rjbarker

    Router recommendation for 2020

    Not sure if this relevent....I just replaced my aging Asus AC68U router with a full Home Mesh System....Asus Zen WiFi AX XT8 (Router n Node) system and am in the process of adding a 3rd Zen Node. Finally something that can cover all corners of my large 3 story home and patios.
  7. rjbarker

    EVGA notification for 3080 ftw ultra

    Damn missed this.....my notification for the same Card doesnt come up until 12 Oct......painful, if anyone has anything similar come up please let me know!!
  8. rjbarker

    3080's where art thou?

    Yep guess all of us legitimate gamers,,,,enthusiasts and hobbiest that could give a rats ass about "making" equivilant to a Cerb cheque over the course of a few months are now looking at being forced to hang onto our aging GPU's or switch to a fvckin console.......what a joke all this shvt...
  9. rjbarker

    Defective RTX 3070 and now computer won't start?

    ^^^^ Exactly!!! Eliminating other HW or SW issues.....looking deeper than just PSU's. Troubleshooting is all about trial and error with other "known working" components etc etc . I actually have enough components here on a bench its pretty easy for me to troubleshoot parts ...an open bench...
  10. rjbarker

    anyone use Grizzly thermal compound paste?

    Great question.....I was thinking the same thing after I just put a machine together and had no idea how old the tube og Gelid grease was that was in my tool box....not a clue the age of it...could be several years, but seems to be working fine ;)
  11. rjbarker

    GTX 570 in 2021?

    Just rebuilt: - 3930K on a Asus Riv-E Board - 16G DDR3 1866 Dominater - Corsair H60 Cooler - 2 x Evga 560Ti SLi - AX 1200i (bnib sitting in my closet for 2 yrs). Cooler master Cosmo Case Decent recycled rig......once I get my 3080...the 560Ti's will be replaced by a single 1080Ti.
  12. rjbarker

    Help with $700 PC build

    Agreed ..Intel w onboard GPU is goping to save a few hundred buck for sure.,
  13. rjbarker

    11900KF is a HEATER!

    The other thing to consider (me anyhow) is the available space to fit these massive air coolers with fans.......I find it so much easier to work in the case with an AIO....can never see myself going back to an air cooled machine. Obviously when strictly looking at cost the Air Cooler is the...
  14. rjbarker

    11900KF is a HEATER!

    It all depends on what you interprate decent OC headroom.....vs those older Chips sure, but remember some of the older Chips (E8400 up to say 3930K) would have headroom to OC all cores up to 500 Mhz beyond spec.....or more in some cases (my old 3930K was 3.8 Ghz standard Boost and I had all the...
  15. rjbarker

    Best Radiator?

    Been running my EX 240, RX 360 and RX 480 in my system since I bought the Rads 6 yrs ago!!! Still working great..!

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