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My i7-6700 Won't Run At Proper Speeds


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Aug 17, 2008
Courtenay, BC
Yeah, but the dell thing isn't a hardware induced reaction to poor quality power, it's an arbitrarily imposed restriction based on the lack of the third sensor pin. Is this a "thin" client mini-PC that's powered off of a power brick, and are you using a non-OEM brick?

When you google M900 Tiny you get this:

You seem to be working in the right direction. Strange if it was fine and then started to go though. So many different possible combinations of hardware, so many possible points of failure. About the only good thing about Apple is their iron grip on their hardware. Still overpriced hardware, but they control it.


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Jul 17, 2011
tech said to change the intelppm start in the register to 4 from 3 and restart. changed to 3.4ghz, the stock speed. tech said to return it to the previous setting and restart again. returned to 780mhz. performance was still set to maximum and still is right now.
So just to confirm, disabling the intel ppm driver restored full speed? I would stick to hwinfo and ignore windows as I have seen it report values that lag behind actual numbers.

that almost indicates a software issue, ppm is the processor power management driver. unless your power profile got stuck on <100 max.

did this start happening after a patch Tuesday or perhaps a windows 10 update?

Tricky bit is this is controlled by Microsoft and it’s not something you can really download. There are unofficial instructions online for renaming it in safe mode and restarting that may cause it to be re-download it but not sure

if your running vantage it may show something in the history...


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Jul 30, 2007
Winnipeg, Canada
The same thing happened with my moms dell laptop. Being a third gen dual core when it ran at 800mhz it was painful. What fixed it for me was setting a new power profile. I chose the high performance option and now it boosts to 3.1 which is pretty decent since it’s supposed to be a 2ghz part.

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