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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


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Jul 8, 2009
Edmonton, AB
I never did copy saved games over the SE. Decided that I liked the game enough to start again so I did a while back. Left it again (as I often do with Skyrim) and now it has sucked me back in for some more Skyrim playtime! :biggrin:

I have less mods installed on SE than I did the original, about 65 right now I would say, but I was wondering about whether or not any of you clean mods?

What I mean by that is I use Nexus Mod Manager to get the mods and LOOT to manage the load order and conflicts. LOOT will frequently report that a mod has issues: dirty entries, other problems, etc. and links to a cleaning guide. Cleaning doesn't look hard but is a bit involved for sure.

I've never cleaned a mod in original or SE, and seem to have no issues as long as I manage the load order and the incompatibilities. Have I just been lucky? Do you guys clean the mods to get rid of the issues identified in LOOT?
Definitely worth cleaning mods as long as you actually look at what the edits are. 90% of the time they were just dirty edits or minor issues and a quick clean with TESVEdit fixed them. Just make sure you read the mod page and readme's as a couple of mods have errors/edits that show up in TESVEdit but if you actually clean them they may break the mod.

If you read the pages, clean away, if you don't just leave it to Mod Organizer/Wrye Bash etc as you might bork a mod.

Once the next gen of cards come out I'll pick up Skyrim again. I never did go through Faalskar or Wormtooth. Can't remember if I did the forgotten city though.


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Mar 10, 2014
Nova Scotia
OK thanks FreeKnight. I'll have a look.

There's also the whole Bruma (sp?) expansion mod that is pretty huge too I believe. I have it installed but no where near needing extra content yet even though I have played several times. I've never come close to finishing it, whatever that means in this case ;)

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