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Titan Fenrir and Skalli CPU Coolers Review

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Feb 26, 2007
Conclusion: Titan Skalli

Conclusion: Titan Skalli

Without a doubt, the Titan Skalli is an interesting little heatsink that has a number of resounding qualities. When the dust settled and we had taken a closer look at its performance numbers versus other coolers in its price range we really are of two minds. On the one hand it is for all intents and purposes nearly equal to the venerable OCZ Venedetta 2. On the other hand, it is only a dual heatpipe cooler and as such is not well suited to higher thermal loads. Don’t get us wrong, it provided ample performance for a cooler costing a fraction of what some larger units go for but in this competitive category, every little bit counts.

To be totally honest, the fact that the Skalli could not mount a more typical 120mm fan was a bit disappointing since this really limits options for both higher and lower RPM fans. In addition, while its 100mm fan is admirably quiet and does adequately cool the Skalli’s fin array, we feel that using a conventional 120mm fan could have increased performance exponentially. Titan mockingly made this cooler dual fan capable one yet tracking down not only a 100mm fan but also the wire retention clips is an exercise in frustration.

The other cause for concern is the fact that the Skalli uses the less than optimal plastic push-pin mounting scheme. On the positive side, it does make for a versatile, inexpensive and quick installation while allowing buyers to mount this cooler to either an Intel 1156 or 1366 system without the need for changing any parts. Unfortunately, this style system lacks the mounting pressure necessary for optimal performance and longevity.

On the positive side of things, we love the fact that the Skalli is compact, easy to install and has an excellently finished based. In addition, it has good performance at every heat load and above else it goes about its business is an extremely quiet manner. Throw in its good looks and you do have the making for an amazing cooler. If this cooler had come out as little as a year earlier we would have been a lot more impressed with it but the value orientated end of the spectrum is now crowded with coolers which are just as good if not better than the Skalli. They even cost a good deal less as well.

With that being said, and to be fair and balanced we would strongly recommend you take a long and serious look at it if you are in the market for an extremely quiet cooler. If you think the striking good looks, low noise and ease of installation are worth the time and effort in finding the Skalli, we truly do believe that you could do much worse than this little powerhouse.


- Ease of installation
- Quiet fan
- Multi-socket Intel mounting abilities
- Fast AMD installation
- Dual fan capable
- Decent value for its price


- Uses oddly sized 100mm fan
- Not readily available here in Canada
- Only includes enough brackets to mount one fan
- Finding another 100mm fan will be difficult
- Sub-optimal push-pin installation
- AMD installation results in North / South orientation

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