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  • I did ok- We covered alot of ground and I ended up too exhausted that evening to do anything but eat and sleep. I was amazed to see the cranberry site this trip since they started clearing the land- They have only cleared one of the smaller cells, and it's scary how vast it is. Once they get a little further along it would be worth the trip out just to gawk, if you were ever in the Rogersville area. I'll let you know when I am in the chi next and maybe we can have a beer either Chez John, or at ODonahues (sp?)

    I finally got the gear I needed to rebuild my system today but found out it wasn't just one of the GPUs that is fried- it's the motherboard- so RAM time- ugh. I picked up a boreas 12 to try some TEC goodness- I think it's too bulky to permanently incorporate into my main rig- might be for test bench.
    How'd ya make out on the Chi this week? Let me know next time your here....we'll head out for a beer or 2...or stop over for a beer( if I'm off that is...no beer on work nights for me ).... usually have a few cold ones in the fridge.
    My main rig has been down for a couple of months and I've been too busy to fix it- I have a coolit boreas 12 coming next week so I hope that will provide more motivation for tinkering. I've been using my HTPC for the odd bit of gaming but I miss having a nice desk and a good mouse and keyboard instead of a coffee table and wireless mouse.
    Yeah man- I'll be staying in three different hotels this week- speaking of which, on eof them is the Rodd in the 'Chi- I'll be back there for the first time in a while on thursday and friday- what are you up to on thursday night?
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