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  • Doh...I hate waiting for parts lol. No upgrades hear as of late. Wanna build a home/media server though with raid 5. It only hit -1 here tday so everything is frozen or gonna freeze...going to -10 tnite.
    thx Barbrbarossa, it is very appreciated. i was thinking that to attract the most overclockers possible that it would be wise if we added a few other popular benchmark thread for example superpi 32m, 3dmarks... like that there is more variety, some may not bench cpu but bench video cards you know. i am asking you just because i dont want to make mods mad with all this lol.

    also do you think the title is ok for the benchmarks thread i have created or you think it would be better to change the name to attract more ppl? i ask this because i am not that good with writting english... since i am french quebecer

    Damn straight! Better than I had hoped actually although the sound is crappy and I am not generally a lover of jungle missions. How are you liking it- is your crew focusing on COD5 now, or still cod4?
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