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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    I absolutely enjoyed the first two games but I will likely buy this whenever the price is reduced... summer wasnt particularly good at catching up on my backlog anyways... haha!
  2. Groove

    Rants etc.....

    yeah it's terrible, got the same error message a while back for my 950 Pro... unbelievable!
  3. Groove

    8-core Coffee Lake and other info leaked

    Didn't they say something about a Z390 chipset a while ago? Given Intel decisions with sockets compatibility over the last few generations it would be surprising. But who knows!?
  4. Groove

    Whats your latest purchase?

    Nice too see another baker on the forum! I absolutely love making home made bread and its now the only bread we eat at home!
  5. Groove

    Acer Predator X34 best G-Sync ultrawide?

    Prices for new stuff has poped on some EU retailers... and yes they are brutal. US may see lower prices but I'm pretty sure we wont. Compared to the rumored prices, my X34 bought 2 years ago seems like a real bargain...
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    Why is everyone selling the Pascal GPUs?

    Same here, especially with summer approaching, don't see myself gaming much until next October or so. I'm afraid of what prices may be then though :ph34r:
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    Favorite Youtube Videos of the week Thread!!!

    LOL that was good one!
  8. Groove

    who here uses cast iron to cook?

    Home Outfitters carry a lot of their stuff.
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    Want to Sell nothing at the moment!

    Bump for headphones!
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    Ubuntu Linux Help Needed

    Ubuntu is pretty forgiving in terms of hardware. Some suggest though that a good general rule of thumb is to stay one generation behind to avoid hardware related issues.
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I finally bought the game a few days ago, it was 75% off on Origins, can't really go wrong at $12.49. I loved the Mass Effect original trylogy so I knew I would likely enjoy the game even if there was a significant amount of issues with the game when it launched. From what I was reading it...
  12. Groove

    Canadian Online component retailers (List)

    https://cipc.com/ Another good place to buy components although I think they are mostly a retail shop, but they do ship. They are well known in the Montreal area and they have been around for over 20 years I think. I haven't dealt with them recently though, but when I did a few years ago the...
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    8700K and my cinebench score - where to go from here?

    I have both actually, but my 8700K rig is in the 400C. Both have the same front panel though, about half an inch of clearance all around the front cover to allow for airflow.
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    8700K and my cinebench score - where to go from here?

    I'm getting similar score with mine but my temps are a little lower. I'm using a 280mm AIO as well but I have a Corsair 400C which as better front intake airflow compared to the evolv. I wouldn't stress too much about your temps though, mid 70s while running Cinebench is fine, you'll probably...
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    Misleading sales tactics for Bell services

    I've been "Bell free" for the last 15 years... I will never deal with them ever again.

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