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New computer chair


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Sep 17, 2019
I'm not tall or overweight, so I really don't need a "big and tall" office

My business has two workshops. One is for clean projects and the other
is for cutting plasitc, metal, wood, etc. The clean shop has large work
benches that are taller than a normal office desk.

The clean shop has desktop and laptop computers. Normally, drafting
stools are used because they can be raised higher than an office chair.

I have a problem with one of my knees. Surgery is recommended, but
the only time it really hurts is when I'm sitting in a chair that does not
support my knee. Ironically, I can stand for many hours with no pain
at all!

I purchased an inexpensive ergonomic computer chairs and changed its dimensions in
our shop. I made a deeper seat (about 20 inches) that would support
the underside of my knees when I sit down. I made a series of small
mistakes when I tried to customize the chair. It really didn't work very

I need a chair with a deep seat and optional arms. Chair arms tend to
get in the way when you're sitting at a workbench. The seat should
be at least 20 inches deep. I have a bad habit of leaning forward when
I'm sitting in a chair. I try to remember to use the backrest, but I usually

Do I have to build something in my shop, or is there a manufactured chair
that will do the job?


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Feb 7, 2019
I don't have a tape measure handy in the office but I do have an aeron here and the seat is sizable. The arm-rests are removable but the price is pretty expensive for one unless you can find one used. The arms also go exceptionally low though and may not even be necessary to remove them even at a drafting table.

Recycling instructions that describe how to remove the arm rests.